A Mexican restaurant in St. Cloud has been sued by Taco John's for trademark infringement, according to FOX 9. Taco Chon, which also has a location in Burnsville, was issued a cease-and-desist order on February 1st, 2022.

The St. Cloud location opened in mid-December 2021 in the Division Place shopping center. Owner Juan Ramos said at the time that they have a variety of Mexican dishes, with a few of their most popular items being Birria tacos, the Macheton, and the Chimichanga deep fried burrito.

Submitted photo
TACO CHON/Submitted photo

Taco John's, which has a location less than two miles away from Taco Chon in St. Cloud, says that the Taco Chon name could be confusing due to its imitation of the Taco John's name/brand.

FOX 9:

But despite "repeated demands" Taco Chon continues to "unlawfully use" the name on its websites, social media and through the restaurants, the lawsuit says, adding Taco Chon is "willfully and deliberately" infringing on Taco John’s trademark rights.

In addition to stopping Taco Chon from using its name, Taco John's is also looking for injunctive relief including Taco Chon's profits, damages, attorney's fees and more.

Submitted photo
TACO CHON/ Submitted photo

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