ST. CLOUD - A St. Cloud man won a WaveRunner during his appearance on the Price is Right on Tuesday morning.

Duane Bible was called up on stage alongside Drew Carey and took his turn at spinning the wheel. When he was introduced and spun the wheel, Bible proudly gave St. Cloud and his family a shout-out.

Bible fell just short of winning a grand prize, guessing too high in the final showcase portion of the show. Bible guessed a $26,000 price on a margarita machine-dining set, cancun vacation and new car. The actual price was $24,681.

He and his family attended a taping of the show to celebrate his son's 18th birthday. He says spinning the wheel was a big surprise for him.

"It's actually very heavy. I'm surprised some of the older people can spin it. I mean, I gave it all I had, and it went around a few times, but it's actually very heavy."

Bible says one of his favorite memories was getting advice from his son, who was cheering him on in the audience.

"I could see my wife and son in the audience, and looking especially my son and getting his advice and what to do. You know, try to kind of keep him involved in it. You're mind is just kind of going, you're just excited. It was really neat."

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