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Come On Down, You're The Next Contestant On The Price Is Right

Duane Bible is set to appear on an episode of the CBS daytime hit game show, The Price is Right. He and his family attended a taping of the show to celebrate his son’s 18th birthday.

He’s always kind of wanted to go out there to see it, and possibly be a contestant, so we got some tickets, went out there. It was really fun. I got on stage there, during intermission I told him that Aaron just turned 18, and he went over to Aaron and wished him a happy birthday.

After getting called to contestant’s row, Bible made it up on stage alongside Drew Carey.

Your mind is just kind of going, you’re just excited. It was really neat. I shook his hand, he asked what I did and all of that sort of stuff, and did the game. Again your minds kind of in a lala when you’re in that situation.

He says one of his favorite memories was getting advice from his son who was cheering him on in the audience.

I could see my wife and son in the audience, and looking at especially my son and getting his advice and what to do. You know, try to kind of keep him involved in it.

Later in the show Bible took his turn at spinning the wheel.

It’s actually very heavy. I’m surprised some of the older people can spin it. I mean I gave it all I had, and it went around a few times, but it’s very heavy actually. It’s surprising.

You can watch Bible on The Price is Right this Tuesday on WCCO Channel 4 at 10:00 a.m.

(Photo Courtesy: Duane Bible)
(Photo Courtesy: Duane Bible)


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