ST. CLOUD -- For those of us working from home these days you'll want to tune into the Price Is Right next Friday (May 22nd). Brad Hoelscher of St. Cloud is going to be a contestant on the show.

Hoelscher says he and his wife Megan were out in California on a week-long vacation back in early March, before the COVID-19 pandemic brought traveling to a halt and when game shows were still taping.

He says it's pretty easy to get seats in the audience.

You just go to CBS's website and they have a bunch of the game shows that they are recording, and The Price Is Right is actually free.  You just go on there and they'll tell you if there are seats available and you sign yourself up.

Hoelscher says it's not the first time they've been to the show, about five years ago Megan made it to contestants row. As for what their secret is for getting their name called to "come on down", he says they just wanted to give the producers a lot of energy.

credit Fremantle on behalf of The Price is Right.

While we do know that Hoelscher makes it up on stage, he's been sworn to secrecy about how long it took before they called his name, what game he played, and what he won.

He says he's looking forward to watching it remotely with friends and family.

Originally hoping everyone would meet together and watch it with a viewing party, but now we're planning on doing a Zoom thing with my parents and friends.

His episode of The Price Is Right will air next Friday, May 22nd at 10:00 a.m. our time on CBS.

His advice is if you're ever in Los Angeles and you have an extra day he highly recommends getting tickets for the show.

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