ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man who took part in a St. Joseph armed robbery when he was 17-years-old is accused of a similar crime again.

Eighteen-year-old Tanner Crane was sentenced last February for a 2019 hold-up of a man fishing at Millstream Park. He was given a stayed sentence of nearly five years in prison.

Now, Crane is accused of pointing a gun at two men and robbing them of their belongings.

According to the criminal complaint, the two men went to Crane's apartment on January 3rd to sell him a pair of expensive sneakers. The men said they were making small talk with Crane for about 20 minutes before Crane lifted his shirt to reveal a handgun in his waistband and told them he wouldn't be paying for the shoes.

Crane allegedly took the gun out of his pants and pointed it at the victims while telling them to empty their pockets. The men complied and left the apartment.

Records show Crane told the men to "be careful out there" because someone may rob them.

Crane is charged with 1st-degree aggravated robbery. He's due in court Monday.

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