ST. CLOUD -- Assault charges have been filed against a St. Cloud man for allegedly beating up a woman and throwing her so hard against a wall that it fractured a vertebra in her neck.

St. Cloud Police were called to the St. Cloud Hospital emergency room early Friday morning on a report of a domestic assault. Police arrived to find the woman with bruises on both sides of her face and wearing a neck brace.

The woman told investigators that she was assaulted by 26-year-old Randy Wade. Wade and the victims are household or family members who have a child in common.

The woman said she was holding their son and on the phone with her grandmother when Wade came into the bedroom, got angry, grabbed the phone and threw it, striking the child in the face. Wade then allegedly threw her into a wall so hard it broke the drywall. Wade is accused of punching the woman multiple times in the face.

When a friend came over, the woman said the assault stopped until Wade brought her into a bathroom, punched her again and "head-butted" her. She told investigators she threw up in the bathroom because she was dizzy and nauseous. When the friend tried to intervene, Wade allegedly grabbed her and pulled her into a bedroom. The victim said she grabbed the child and ran out the door before locking herself in the friend's car.

The woman suffered multiple bruises and a fractured vertebra in her neck. The child also had significant bruising on the face and around the eye.

Wade is charged with felony 3rd-degree assault and three counts of domestic assault within 10 years of a previous assault conviction. Wade has a prior Stearns County conviction on 5th-degree assault from 2016.