ST. CLOUD -- Even as St. Cloud area residents battle the freezing water service lines, the deep ground frost is not stopping the pothole season from returning.

St. Cloud Street and Alley Maintenance Supervisor Tom Zabinski says they're starting to see bigger potholes developing as the ice and snow melt from the roadways.

Zabinski says the extremely cold winter and deep frost could make for a longer and more severe pothole season ahead.

The city of St. Cloud has launched a pothole hotline again this year where you can report problem areas.Zabinski says they'll get crews out to repair them as fast as they can, but he's asking residents to be patient.

You can call 650-2949 and follow the prompts to report potholes in St. Cloud. Zabinksi says it's important to know the location of the pothole either actual address or closest intersection.

The pothole hotline only covers St. Cloud streets.