ST. CLOUD - Just a short drive down Highway 10 a St. Cloud family has turned their passion for living a healthy life style into their new business.

Yankee Belles Vintage Farm Store is operated by the Shurrum family. The store shares a drive way with their home. The family's business specializes in organic, all-natural products.

The Shurmur family had to over come some major obstacles before they could open their new business. A short while ago the family lost it's home to a catastrophic fire, and multiple family members had to be treated for serious burns.

After the fire the family was forced to find other housing, all while trying to pursue their dream of creating a place to help others eat and live healthy. The family says their faith is what helped them get through that strenuous time, and continue to work toward sharing their passion with the community.

Now that the family is opening their own store, they are excited to share all their great organic foods, dried goods, and many other items with families in Central Minnesota.

The family's youngest daughter Kayla Gayle Shurrum, says the selection the stores offers is immediately noticeable.

"When you come in you will probably be bombarded with all the fresh produce. You will find a lot of healthy oils."

Other items that will be in the store when they open are fresh fruits, homemade candles, tea, soaps, plants and even sauerkraut.

The selection at the store will change throughout the year depending upon what is in season.

Emma Shurrum is the eldest daughter. She says the reason they started Yankee Belles was to share the family's passion with everyone that comes through their door.

"Eating the healthier sugars and organic produce, you yourself are healthier and your family is healthier. We just want to share that with everyone."

One of the best parts of your experience at Yankee Belles may be the wealth of knowledge about organic food and dried goods that their mother can provide.

The family has even started to talk about the potential of offering classes on organic foods and the importance of knowing what is going into the food and products you put in or on your body.

The family's farm will have it's grand opening this Saturday, but will maintain normal hours of 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. The store's address is 5656 60th Street Southeast St. Cloud, MN 56304.

You can click the link below to learn more about Yankee Belles Vintage Farm Store.


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