ST. CLOUD -- Two brothers from St. Cloud are shooting for a new world record Friday.

Ben Bzdok and Matt Bzdok will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive Frisbee passes by two people. The current record is 1,043, their goal is to get over 3,000.

Think about a red zone of 10 feet apart, and we have to catch and release, we can only hold for five seconds.  You can't stop.

Ben says they have already accomplished the feat several times unofficially and he expects it will take them about an hour to break the record.

Maybe around 500 or 800 you just close your hand automatically and you end up dropping it.  It's more about the monotony than it is about the difficulty of the time or the number of catches.

Guinness World Records does require that the entire event be on video with the ability to have it shown in slow motion. They also have to have documentation of everyone who witnessed it.

Ben says they have three goals with the world record attempt, promoting staying healthy, promoting exercise, and getting attention for the St. Cloud State University Ultimate Frisbee team. Ben is a former member of the team and SCSU graduate. Matt is a current student and member of the team.

Team Captain Samuel Joyce
952-649-9901 (call or text)
Facebook: SCSU Ultimate Frisbee

Fundraising page:

The attempt will take place Friday at the indoor SCSU racquetball court starting at 3:00 p.m.

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