ST. CLOUD -- The dome over at St. Cloud State University's Husky Stadium has been a valuable resource this spring as area sports teams scramble to get some practice and playing time.

Ron Seibring is the Director of Sports Facilities and Campus Recreation. He says he's been inundated with requests from area high schools.

So over the past week we've had high schools using the dome every night for scrimmages.  Rush City, Cold Spring, I won't even try to name them all.  There's been a lot of different schools.

Seibring says St. Cloud Cathedral has scheduled a doubleheader of games in the dome Friday night.

He says, while spring sports teams are used to juggling their schedules, he can't remember a spring like this where the dome has been used so much.

No, I have not seen the high schools scrambling for space as much as they are right now.  Its been very difficult for the schools.

Meanwhile, the SCSU softball team has been playing all of their home and away games in the dome. Other college softball teams have been using it too.

The dome was scheduled to be taken down Wednesday, that has been pushed back until Tuesday.

Seibring says they'd like to have it down before next weekend's Earth Day Half-Marathon. He says he can only remember one other year when the dome didn't come down before the big run.

According to SCSU's website, the dome is the second-largest free-standing dome in the five-state area.  It is 72 feet high.