ST. JOSEPH -- The 3rd annual "Dancing With Our Stars" event raised a record nearly $152,000 Monday night. It was held at the College of St. Benedict and organized by the Women's Fund.

First place winner Chris Klimpel raised over $45,000, along with the first place grant award of $15,000, she raised over $60,000 for her charity the United Way Neighborhood Resource Center.

Second place finisher Steve Windfeldt raised over $232,000, along with the second place grant of $10,000 he earned over $33,000 for his charity the Boys and Girls Club Youth Arts Initiative.

Third place finisher Stephanie Theisen raised a combined $20,000 for her charity the Alzheimers Association.

Fourth place went to Adam Heathcote who raised a total of $14,000 for his charity the YMCA Partners Scholarship Fund.

In fifth place was Jenifer Odette who raised nearly $16,000 for the Tanner's Team Foundation.

And in sixth place was Randy Warzecha who earned over $7,000 for the LEAF Homeless Student Services Fund.

Co-Chair Trisha Hendrickson says they were up more than 20 percent in ticket sales for last night's event, and they also had an increase of $10,000 in corporate sponsorships. You can still donate to your favorite dancer's charity through the end of the day today by texting the word "DANCE" to 40403.