ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud State University student government leaders want to help students stay in school.

Student government is a student-run organization that focuses on connecting students, organizations, and community members.

Newly elected President Jack O'Neil-Como and Vice President Kayla Shelley believe in creating change through engagement on-and-off campus. O'Neil-Como says one of their biggest concerns is maintaining retention on campus.

"If we can get students into organizations and expose them into different backgrounds, not only will it have personal growth but make them feel their more of the community and family rather than just going to classes,"

One way O'Neil-Como and Shelley plan to help students with staying in school is to attend more student organization meetings to unite the campus and make SCSU a proud home for students.

Shelley says students can still be involved without getting overly political.

"People need to recognize that you can be politically involved without being political. You can be engaged and stay true to your core and not worry about political parties,"

Student government meets at 5:00 p.m. every Thursday in the Atwood Memorial Center.