The warm weather has led to water temperatures in the 70s.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON this week.  He says because of the weather less people are fishing during the middle of the day with that time being used primarily for recreation.  He says he continues to catch fish in the morning and evenings in the weeds or at the weed lines.  Glen says to look for outside edges and shape where there often times fish will find food.  Schmitt says some lakes this time of year are showing more algae blooms and with the lack of rain are showing more of that green, scum look on the surface.


Schmitt says some lakes have less of the algae bloom due to invasive species like zebra muscles that clean the water up and chew away at the vegetation.  Glen says zebra muscles are in the horse show chain of lakes in the Richmond/Cold Spring area and are so common that he says it would be easier to list the lakes that don't have invasive species than to list the ones that do have them.

With lower river water levels Glen says fishing a river wouldn't be a bad ideas right now.  He says you can walk out in the water quite a ways in certain spots and target certain areas where the current is the strongest to catch a variety of species of fish.  Glen suggests the Mississippi River and portions of the Sauk River.

Glen Schmitt joins me every Thursday at 8:40 on WJON.  Learn more about Outdoor News.

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