ST. PAUL -- This Saturday is National Law Enforcement Memorial Day. President John F. Kennedy declared May 15th with the special designation back in 1962.

Brian Hubbard is the President of the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association and the Deputy Chief of Police in Crystal. He says the Minnesota State Memorial on the State Capitol grounds is available for you to visit anytime.

A monument that recognizes the fallen officers with a pool and also there is an illuminated blue line at the memorial.  Folks can go there and pay their respects to the heroes that have fallen in protecting our communities.

Hubbard says they typically have a 24-hour standing vigil on Law Enforcement Memorial Day concluding with a candlelight ceremony. However, because of COVID restrictions, this year's event is virtual. You can tune in to their Facebook page at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday night to see it.

Or, he says just take a minute to thank an officer this week.

I still certainly would encourage folks to make sure that they are thanking peace officers around the state that they might come in contact with and let them know that they are appreciated.

Hubbard says there has been a total of 293 officers in Minnesota that have died in the line of duty.


Besides Saturday's event, the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association helps provide support to family members of officers who have died.

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