SARTELL -- A group of Sartell residents are fighting to keep their homes.

Back in February, residents at the Sartell Mobile Home Park received a letter from the park owners, RV Horizons, the park would be put up for sale.

However, they quickly learned they would be given a chance to buy the park. Residents wasted no time getting started and began working with the Northcountry Cooperative Foundation to help form a resident association to take ownership.

"You typically have a period of time to carry out due diligence activities, and then confirm the project qualifies for financing and then proceed to a resident purchase," says Director of Business Development Kevin Walker.

NCF is a nonprofit which focuses on organizing residents in mobile home parks and help them buy, own and operate their communities.

Walker says one of the first steps is for the residents to start a resident nonprofit association, which they called Eagle's View Inc., that would run the park after it was purchased.

From there, the association would need to begin looking at loans to help buy the park, fundraising efforts and conducting inspections on infrastructure such as sewer.

"There's enough confidence, momentum from the residents, and we've been talking to the usual lenders to help with the project and we are hopeful we can push the project forward and get to the finish line by early November," says Walker.

The Sartell Mobile Home Park is located at 106 S. 2nd Street, next to Great Rivers Bowl and Partners Pub.

This is the second mobile home park impacted in Sartell. Shady Oaks Mobile Home park plans to close November 17th.