Sartell Police Department shared their recent police blotter calls from April 26th to May 2nd 2022, and the first one on the list involves a hot commodity: Girl Scout cookies.

A resident stopped by the Sartell Public Safety Facility to report his cookie problem and get advice on how to handle it:

Tuesday, April 26th
• 3:49 PM. Civil. 23 AV N. A male party stopped at
the Sartell Public Safety Facility to report that his
neighbor stole his order of Girl Scout cookies at
the end of March. The male had placed an order
online and accidently put his neighbor's address
down. The male got a notification that his cookies
had been delivered but there was no package. The
male stopped by the neighbor's house on April
2nd, but the neighbor denied getting his cookies.
The male thought his Ring camera may have the
FedEx guy delivering the cookies to the wrong
house and was wondering if his neighbor could be
charged with theft. The officer informed the male
since he was the one who personally made the
order and confirmed the information but still had
placed the wrong address in, that it would be a civil case.

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I totally get where this concerned resident is coming from. Girl Scout cookies aren’t cheap, and they are only around for a limited time. You gotta get your fix while you can, and when an honest mistake like this is made you can only hope that your neighbor catches it and gives you your cookies. Or at least is willing to share.

Here’s hoping that these neighbors can sort out the issue, and the guy gets his Girl Scout cookies!

Check out the full police blotter here.  

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