SARTELL -- Sartell officials have begun piecing together their goals for the 2016 comprehensive plan.

During a special meeting tonight (Monday) members of the Sartell city council, planning commission, park board and economic development committee weighed in on what direction the city should take over the next 20 to 30 years.

Planning and Community Development Director Anita Rasmussen says it's important to hear feedback and concerns from all levels of city government.

"All of the groups here were part of the creation of the plan and a lot of the input we've been receiving validates we're on the right course in continuing and expanding our vision," says Rasmussen.

The comprehensive plans provides a closer focus at things from parks and recreation, economic development, transportation, public safety, and more.

Residents also provided a piece of the puzzle through a virtual open house conducted earlier this month (February). Rasmussen says they received strong support and helped clarify issues already addressed in the plan.

"We really tried to make sure and address every input made. Many points were valid and good and they were likely addressed in the comprehensive plan somewhere and so we tried to put that out," says Rasmussen.

A public hearing on the new Comprehensive Plan will be brought before the Planning Commission on Monday (March 7th). If approved, another public hearing would be held before the City Council scheduled for May.

Sartell's comprehensive plan has not been updated since 2003.