SARTELL -- A peaceful rally was held this (Monday) evening in support of a library coming to Sartell.

Members of the Sartell Friends of the Library and local residents stood outside of city hall showing their support of a Great River Regional Library branch.

Nancy Van Erp is with the Sartell Friends of the Library. She says the rally is meant to show how much the city wants Great River Regional Library branch.

"We are big fans of the Great River Regional Library system and we are excited and hopeful the city council will move forward with some strong plans to get a library built in a central location that is of adequate size for our city," says Van Erp.

There have been talks of adding a library as part of the proposed Sartell Community Center. However, current plans have the community center including a 2,100 square-foot “learning center” which is different then a Great River Regional Library branch.

Sartell resident Paul Moe says the rally is not in objection to a community center, but rather to build a library different than what is proposed.

"We also support the community center in it's current location, we are not looking to take away from that. But rather to find a central location for a Great River library branch here in Sartell," says Moe.

Members of the city council and Great River Regional Library met last month to continue discussion, but no action was taken.

Great River Regional Library is currently working on an assessment plan to see the best way to run a branch in Sartell.