SARTELL -- Sartell is weighing the options of sticking with their current garbage collection system, or moving to a single-hauler system.

Currently the city uses four licensed haulers, which has been the same since 2008.

City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says with neighboring cities such as Sauk Rapids, Waite Park and St. Joseph already having a single-hauler system the council thought it would be good to readdress this topic.

During tonight's (Monday) discussion the council talked about many reasons for or against this issue.

Several council members addressed their concerns about the public's safety, and the road conditions, when multiple trucks are used. Mainly how several trucks can go up and down one neighborhood on collection day.

Others felt the system Sartell has is working at a high level and that the residents should be given the choice on who they want to pick up their garbage.

Over 35 cities have considered moving to a single-hauler system but only a handful have moved forward with it.

Don Williamson of West Central Sanitation addressed the council with recommendations that haulers could make to better fit the needs of the city.

The council voted to have the city work with the current haulers to come up with new policies the council could adopt in the future.