SARTELL -- On time and on budget, that's the report the Sartell City Council received Monday night on the construction progress inside the new Public Safety Facility.

Council member Mike Chisum says the new facility will be a much welcomed addition to Sartell for years to come.

It's incredible. I think this facility will serve the city of Sartell for over 50 years and I'm so pleased with the work that's been done and the team that's come together.

Currently, the building is enclosed and the first layer of asphalt has been poured in the parking lot. As for the inside, the concrete flooring has been poured throughout the building and the framing is up, helping make the vision on paper become reality.

It was the first time council member Brady Andel got to walk through the facility. He says the building is truly remarkable.

We are getting there. I'm excited to see what comes about on the inside and the finished product.

The 45,000 square-foot combination police and fire station features an expanded fire truck bay and squad car garage, locker rooms, lots of storage space and several training rooms.

Council member Tim Elness is also on the fire department. He says the new fire station will allow their team to be more efficient.

We are overwhelmingly excited about the space. We have the ability to train in our facility now, we have enough space to store our equipment in one building instead of multiple sites like we do now. It's exciting.

The roughly $13-million facility is expected to be completed in July and has enough space for future growth.

The Public Safety Facility is located north of the Heritage Drive roundabout along Pinecone Road.

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