SARTELL -- A long-time Sartell city employee is calling it a career.

City Administrator Mary Degiovanni announced Thursday she plans to retire this summer.

She says things just lined up when it came to her decision to call it a career.

Personally it's the right time for me and I think it's a great time for Sartell. We've been working on this for a while and I think this summer gives plenty of time to find a replacement and keep Sartell going strong.

She has spent 16 years with the city as the Finance Director before being the City Administrator.

Degiovanni says one thing she's proud of is bringing back a sense of community to Sartell.

There were many years before I got here that Sartell had really fast growth and that shows we are desirable community and that's wonderful. But I think people still want to keep that small town feel and that's really our focus in the coming years.

While she doesn't have an official retirement date, she says she's planning for sometime between July and September.

Degiovanni says it's been a pleasure working for the city of Sartell and will enjoy watching the continued success of the community.

She says she's looking forward to doing more gardening in her retirement.

The city council will begin the process in finding her replacement.

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