SARTELL - The Sartell A&W offered free root beer floats on Wednesday afternoon while raising money to support veterans.

Money donated will go towards the Wounded Warrior Project, a veterans service organizations that's dedicated to help injured service members.

Anyone could drop by the store between 2:00 p.m. and closing time to get a free root beer float and had the option to donate money to the cause.

Phyllis Gruby owns the A&W in Sartell, she says A&W started promoting National Free Root Beer Float Day a couple years ago and that she fully supports the cause.

"We just feel that's a cause that's so Americana and so American-and so is A&W," Gruby says.

Gruby adds that her husband is a veteran and that she thinks A&W picked the perfect cause to support.

"We have a lot of freedoms because of our veterans-they could not have picked a better cause," Gruby says.


Kids get free root beer from the Sartell A&W. (Dan DeBaun, WJON News)