SARTELL -- E-cigarettes have joined the list of items banned on city-owned property in Sartell.

During Tuesday's Special City Council meeting, the council approved several policy updates, including banning e-cigs on city-owned or operated property.

Sartell officials feel the use of tobacco and e-cigarette products can be offensive and detrimental to their health for those using the property.

City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says a smoking policy has been in place since 2002, however recent complaints led them to take a second look.

"We knew it was something of interest to people and thought we should confirm we have this no smoking policy. There hasn't been many complaint but enough where people have been bothered with their kids playing near by," says Degiovanni.

The policy change would prohibit tobacco and e-cigarettes at parks, trails, greenways, indoor and outdoor park shelters and other outdoor spaces.

Degiovanni says because it's a change in policy and not to the ordinance there would be no fines or police enforcement.

"There can be enforcement by being asked to leave if you don't want to comply, what it won't do is have the city law effect to make it a misdemeanor or be fined for," says Degiovanni.

The city will also post signage at specific locations to inform the community and area users about the new policy.

Last year, the council approved revisions to the city's tobacco ordinance because the ordinance did not clearly cover E-cigarettes.

The banned takes effect immediately.