SARTELL -- Final approval has been made on a new tobacco ordinance for Sartell.

Back in February, a public hearing was held to get feedback on the proposed changes to the current tobacco ordinance regarding E-Cigarettes.

A lot of residents voiced their concerns about the new ordinance. Those in favor of the ordinance stressed shops are targeting the wrong audience with their liquid flavors, and those who opposed said the city did not do the appropriate amount of research needed to make a decision.

After further discussion and feedback the council approved the ordinance changes by a 4-1 vote during this (Monday) evening's city council meeting.

The changes would include the term "Loosies" be reverted back to its original language, the 2,000 foot restriction to a new tobacco retailer be removed, a 1,000 foot restriction from selling or using by schools and playgrounds and sampling of the liquids be allowed in the tobacco shops.

The changes were first brought up to the council by Police Chief Jim Hughes after feeling the current language in the ordinance did not cover E-Cigarettes.