ROCKVILLE -- The mayor of Rockville has been censured by the town's city council after they claim he went beyond his authority in an incident with Gold Cross Ambulance.

According to the resolution for censure passed by the council on December 3rd, Mayor Duane Willenbring has on "numerous occasions" inserted himself into the day-to-day running of the city, which is  -- according to the censure --  beyond his purview as mayor.

The trigger for the censure was an incident in early winter at the fire hall. The resolution of censure states Willenbring was "performing unauthorized maintenance" at the fire hall when he behaved unprofessionally toward Gold Cross Paramedics. As a result, Gold Cross stopped staging an ambulance in the fire hall.

At their meeting last week, Willenbring hinted at "possible litigation" against the city in the future, however, when asked to clarify what he meant, he declined, referring to attorney-client privilege.

Willenbring has yet to return a call from WJON for comment on the censure.

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