ROCKVILLE - The open city council seat in the city of Rockville has been filled.

The newest city council member, Vince Schaefer, was appointed Wednesday evening at the Rockville city council meeting.

Schaefer, a life long resident of Rockville, was a previous city council member of Rockville from 1981-1993 and mayor from 1993-2003. Outside of his time in Rockville Schaefer has also been on the Stearns County Board of Commissioners, President of the Minnesota Mayors Association and has sat on numerous county and city boards.

Schaefer says one of the big reasons he wanted to return to government after seven years away was several people urged him to take the opportunity.

"I was called and asked by quite a few people to come back. They just felt (the city) needed my experience I have gained in all my years in the area."

The seat that Schaefer was appointed to opened up with the unexpected resignation of member Devin Cesnik.

Schaefer's term will run through December 2018.

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