WAITE PARK -- A better understanding on the plans for a two-hotel and conference center came together after tonight's (Monday) public hearing.

Waite Park officials continued their public hearing from last month, after needing more time to collect more information on final TIF numbers.

During that time the Silver Leaf Group was asking for the council’s approval on a $4.26 million TIF over 25 years, which some council members felt was too long.

After further research and discussion the council unanimously approved a tax-increment financing proposal of $4.26 million up to 20 years.

The agreement allows the city and the developer to begin negotiations on final terms and the final TIF amount, which can't exceed the amount approved by the council.

The approval also allows Silver Leaf to move forward on the project, which includes buying the Tri-County Mobile Home Park.

However, residents of the mobile home park are not as excited on the process. Over the last few months a lot of residents have said they felt left in the dark during this process and do not want to move.

They have even gone as far as hiring an attorney.

Jack Cann, who is representing the resident association at the mobile home park, spoke during tonight's hearing. He says the city is not following the right steps in the process, argued the TIF agreement must include relocation costs, and that the residents want to buy the mobile home park.

City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says the city is taking the necessary steps in the process and will continue to do so going forward.

She adds the city is not involved in negotiations for relocation costs, and that matter is between the developer and the residents.

Once a final TIF agreement is complete, it will be brought back to the council for final approval.