WAITE PARK -- Waite Park officials want more time to discuss plans for a two-hotel and conference center.

During this (Monday) evening's City Council meeting a public hearing was held to discuss the Tax Increment Financing proposal the Silver Leaf Group is asking on the project.

Silver Leaf Group is asking for the council's approval on a $4.26 million TIF over 25 years.

However, Waite Park residents have voiced their concerns about how the proposed project is being handled.

The proposed site, which stretches from Division Street at the corner of 6th Avenue South down to 4th Avenue South, is currently occupied by the Tri-County Mobile Home Park.

Residents have said they feel left in the dark in this entire process. During last months Planning Commission meeting, many spoke on how they do not want to move, have not received any official notice the property has been sold and have been hearing rumors the proposed project is a done deal.

The planning commission has already approved the platting and PUD of the proposed hotel site.

After hearing feedback from the residents the council feels they need more time to think before the next steps can be taken.

The board voted to put a temporary recess on tonight's public hearing in order to collect more info on final TIF numbers, and discuss all the feedback they have received from the concern residents.

Back in November Evenson said they hoped to begin construction this month and have the hotels built by 2016.

Waite Park will continue tonight's public hearing within the next month.

This is one of two hotel projects planned for Waite Park. Miller Architects wants to build a 90-room Staybridge Suites extended-stay hotel and also a 120-room Holiday Inn, including a restaurant and bar on a vacant lot next to Menards along Highway 23.