ST. CLOUD -- The next step in a plan to make major upgrades to the St. Cloud Water Treatment Facility will take place Tuesday evening. The city's planning commission is holding a public hearing on the project.

City leaders say the project is necessary to meet regulatory standards and enhance treatment and disinfection systems.

The proposed upgrades include a northern expansion of the facility, as well as the reconstruction of 5th Avenue into a one-way street.

The Water Treatment Facility and Hester Park will then represent the northern end of the planned RiverWalk and a connection to the Lake Wobegon Trail.

The proposed improvements would begin in 2021.

The cost for the river walk is estimated at about $4 million, the water plant upgrades will cost about $25 million, and improvements to the lift station are around $1 million.

The city held open houses on the project back on October 30th and December 4th.

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