ST. JOSEPH -- A St. Joseph couple who want to build a trap shooting range on their 71-acre property have been dealt another setback. The Stearns County Planning Commission has recommended denying a conditional use permit for Bryan and Lisa Brophy.  It comes about a month after the County Board of Adjustment denied a variance request.

Bryan Brophy is the Apollo High School Trapshooting Coach. He says the range is needed to provide kids a place to practice. But, some neighbors are opposed for reasons like noise and declining property values if it's built.

Brophy says they've done their due diligence to make sure the range would be in compliance with all local and state regulations. And, he's frustrated by those who think he's out to make a buck.  Brophy says he isn't out to make money on the project, he just wants to provide kids an opportunity to practice their sport and would return all revenues back to help grow the club.

In fact, Brophy has secured a $25,000 matching grant from the Minnesota DNR and would use their own money to provide the match.

The project isn't dead yet. The county board of commissioners will take up the issue at their regular board meeting Tuesday.  The board can approve the application, deny it or set a date for a public hearing.

If they deny the permit, Brophy feels like he has a strong legal case. However, he says he isn't sure whether he'd want to risk further upsetting his neighbors who oppose it.