ST. CLOUD -- The owners of the dog shot six times have come forward and released ownership to the Tri-County Humane Society.

Stearns County Chief Deputy Sheriff Bruce Bechtold says the owners came forward days after the yellow lab was shot and they were able to verify ownership.

Remington (as he is known at the Humane Society) was shot four times in the face and twice in the hind quarters with a pellet gun last month.

Anna Stratton with the Tri-County Humane society says the owners came into the facility to see Remington one last time before turning over ownership.

"It was a very, very difficult decision for them. We could tell he was very much loved by them, but they put their feelings aside and did what was best for Remington," says Stratton.

Stratton says Remington has been living with a foster family as he recovers. She says he is roughly six weeks away from being fully recovered, before they can put him up for adoption.

"He will stay in the foster home until he is completely healed and once he is cleared by the vet he will be ready for adoption. He does have three holds on him looking to adopt him once he is ready to go," says Stratton.

Bechtold says the investigation into who shot the dog remains active. He adds at this time there is not enough evidence to say whether the owners are suspected.