ST. CLOUD -- With five more St. Cloud high school sports teams now moving to a co-op model, how many Apollo and Tech standalone teams are left?

There are now a total of 17 sports with co-ops between the two St. Cloud high schools. They are adapted soccer, adapted hockey, boys hockey, girls hockey, wrestling, nordic skiing, dance, gymnastics, adapted softball, baseball, softball, boys golf, girls golf, boys tennis, girls tennis, boys lacrosse, and girls lacrosse.

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Additionally, the Tech boys swimming team is in a separate co-op with ROCORI and Cathedral high schools, bringing the overall co-op total to 18.

On the flip side, only nine teams remain separate. Those are cross country, boys basketball, football, boys soccer, girls soccer, Apollo boys swimming, girls swimming, track and field, and volleyball.

The increasing number of joint teams is due to low student participation numbers. The St. Cloud Area School District says the co-op teams are a temporary solution and they are working to rebuild the programs by providing after-school transportation and hiring middle-level activities coordinators to help build a pipeline starting at the elementary level.

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