SARTELL -- The walls and roofing have been assembled and things are coming together inside the new Sartell Public Safety facility.

The 45,000 square-foot combination police and fire station is on track to open this July.

Sartell Police Chief Jim Hughes says there are many new features incorporated into the building, including a safe room for domestic abuse victims.

This is a place they can go into, secure the door, pick up the phone and call dispatch. It's going to be set up with audio and video and will be accessible after hours.

Hughes says the room will also double as a finger print room for his staff.

Other key features include an expanded fire truck bay and squad car garage, locker rooms, lots of storage space and several training rooms.

The current facility we don't have any joint space at all. This allows us to train together if we want too and can hold about 80 people. Also with the police department and our use of force and defensive tactics, we're going to have a wrestling mat drop down from the ceiling that we can roll out.

The roughly 13-million facility has enough space for future growth. Hughes adds there is even enough land in the back of the property to created an outdoor training area.

The Public Safety Facility is located north of the Heritage Drive roundabout along Pincecone Road.