SARTELL -- There's a new generation of leaders working for the city of Sartell.

Over the last couple of months, the city has hired Anna Gruber as City Administrator, Scott Saehr as Community Development Director and Robb Voshell as the city's Finance Director.

Voshell is the newest addition to join the staff, with just a week under his belt. The Sartell native says right away it's been a very supportive and welcoming working environment.

When ever I need something I can look at Scott, Anna or anyone else from the city and they are more than willing to help. That part has been awesome.

Voshell says over the next few months he will continue to get himself familiar with his role as he helps make sure the city's funds are spent for the benefit of the community.

As for Saehr, who was hired in May, he's been enjoying learning more about Sartell and working with the many community partners.

He says the change to the administrative staff can be an asset to the community as there is a lot value in bringing people with different experiences together.

I think it's important to recognize the fact that there is a lot of knowledge within the city when it comes to experience at city hall. Also the previous administration provided a lot of resources to help make our jobs easier and go forward into a positive direction.

Many exciting projects are on the horizons with the near completion of the Public Safety Facility and the start of the new SCHEELS Athletic Complex.

Then there is Gruber, who is the longest tenured member of the group. She arrived in April after Mary Degiovanni decided to retire.

She says they all know they will have some big shoes to fill, but it's been comforting to have a team going through the transition process together.

We are all going through the same thing at the same time, which makes it more manageable to lean on each other, help coach each other through different scenarios. I'm glad I came in with other new people, I think that has made my job easier.

Gruber says she's had a unique start to her new role given the pandemic, but she's excited to work along side such an amazing staff to help make a positive impact in the Sartell community.

Sartell residents can get to know Gruber, Saehr and Voshell more by visiting city hall, by phone call or at an upcoming city council meeting.

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