CLEARWATER -- A major road construction project on Interstate 94 gets underway this summer between Maple Grove and Clearwater.

The $350-million plan calls for expanding and improving a 39-mile stretch of the interstate with added lanes, resurfacing, bridge replacement and added safety features.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation estimates between 45,000 and 117,000 vehicles use that stretch of freeway every day.  The project will certainly lead to reduced speeds and lane closures during the completion of the project.

Timelines haven't been released yet, but you are invited to an open house meeting to learn more about the project at the Monticello Community Center on Tuesday, January 29th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The funding comes partly through the Corridors of Commerce program where additional funding goes toward state projects designed to improve the state's highway system that specifically supports Minnesota's economy.