UNDATED -- The framework of a gun safety agreement U-S Senate leaders announced over the weekend is getting mixed reviews from the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus.

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Spokesman Rob Doar says they're glad for a focus on areas everyone can agree on, such as school security and mental health resources -- but questions any "red flag" orders that treat the firearm as the issue instead of helping the individual:

Any type of red flag orders that just go in and take firearms without addressing the individual that's in crisis we would likely oppose.

The plan is the first major piece of gun legislation in a few decades. The proposal includes support for state “red Flag” laws, A more thorough background check for anyone under age 21, and tougher regulations on so-called “straw purchases” where people who cannot pass a background check acquire guns. A bipartisan group of senators announced the plan Sunday and indicated there’s enough Republican support to move it through the U.S. House.

In addition, the bill includes funding for mental health, tele-health and in-school mental health care. The bill would also force those convicted of domestic violence or face domestic violence restraining orders to undergo criminal background checks to purchase a firearm.

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