MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A Minnesota driver has pleaded guilty in the death of a teenage pedestrian from Arizona.
Prosecutors say 36-year-old Howard William Amos pleaded guilty Friday to one count of fleeing police, resulting in the death of 16-year-old Diana Garcia-Alvarado, of Phoenix.
He'll be sentenced next month and is expected to get 20 years in prison.
Authorities say police tried to pull Amos over for speeding on Sept. 2, but he accelerated instead and ran through a stop sign.
Garcia-Alvarado and her boyfriend were standing on the grassy median of a roundabout when they saw Amos' vehicle coming toward them. The boyfriend told police Garcia-Alvarado ran across the street. She made it to the far curb, but police say Amos' vehicle hit the roundabout and bounced over the curb, hitting her.

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