Maple syrup is a genuine product of the north country. The Ojibwe and Dakota used it as a seasoning and also cooked it down to preserve and transport it. Today, locally produced pure maple syrup is regarded as an artisan product, prized by cooks and bakers alike.

The St. John's Maple Syrup Festival is this Saturday and we thought we'd bring accomplished cookbook writer Teresa Marrone onto our show to pass on a few great dishes you can make with maple syrup. Her new cookbook is all about the sticky stuff; it's called Modern Maple.

Some of the recipes you'll find in it make perfect sense and are pretty traditional, but some jump right off the page into your heart. She reveals combos and entree's that you would never have thought the perfect compliment for that dish would be maple syrup.


Modern Maple celebrates with seventy-five recipes using maple to season, flavor, and sweeten dishes ranging from Grilled Radicchio with Maple Drizzle and Goat Cheese to Pecan-Crusted Chicken with Maple Apples to the mouth-watering Cardamom-Maple Swirl Bread and inventive Roasted Carrot–Ginger Soup with Maple. Teresa told us that she put a lot of experiment time into creating the perfect Maple Baklava and we applaud her courage in taking on that endeavor.

You can pick up Modern Maple for $16.95 at, or Powells

It's the second book in the Northern Plate series, following Rhubarb Renaissance. Each book in the series celebrates a specific food from the bounty of the Upper Midwest.

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