WAITE PARK -- A large-scale festival is coming to central Minnesota next summer.

A group of community volunteers are organizing this faith-based event Celebrate Minnesota, which will include nationally known music artists, action sports demos, food & fun for the whole family and a message of Hope by evangelist Mike Silva.

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Silva has been sharing the Gospel with millions of people in nearly 40 countries of the world. He says after being separated for years because of the pandemic, they wanted to do something to bring the community together.

We've all be separated for so long, let's get together. Let's get together and have fun and that's what this event is going to be. It is going to be something for the entire family.

Silva says while his work is mainly overseas, he has connections to the St. Cloud area.

We've been connect to some people and a church here in St. Cloud for over 30 years. So the thought came to their mind to bring an event like this and we thought why don't we do this.

Silva says while the event won't take place until next summer, they wanted to have enough time to schedule the entertainment and promote the event so everyone across Minnesota had the opportunity to attend.

He says they will have a team that will move into the area in April to get to know the community in preparation for the big event.

Celebrate Minnesota is a free event and will take place on August 12th, 2023 at Whitney Park.


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