ST. CLOUD - The parking lot in front of the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center was filled with the best bus drivers from around St. Cloud competing in the annual Bus Roadeo.

The Roadeo is an opportunity for Metro Bus drivers to showcase their driving skills in a competitive atmosphere. The road course was filled with real world influenced obstacles such as maneuvering through cones and backing up, which is difficult when the vehicle your driving is 40 feet long.

Shawn Pierce is one of the organizers of the Roadeo event. He says the competition also has a state and national event.

"The first and second place winner of the large ans small bus get to go to the state competition. If they win at the state roadeo they can go to nationals."

For a few years now the Roadeo has been dominated by David Peacock and Todd Dezurik.

Pierce says the two are always trying to one up each other.

"Between David and Todd they go back and forth year to year. It's funny as I am also on the state roadeo committee and when we do the state roadeo whoever wins our local one it seems to flop and the other wins the state."

Dezurik will be competing  in the national competition in Detroit, MI next month.

Dezurik and Peacock both compete in the small bus division, There is also another division for larger buses measuring 40 feet.

18 different drivers competed in the competition. The top two from each division will compete in the state competition in July.


Large Bus

First Place Jerry Schmitz

Second Place Mike Keller

Third Place Vern Dahl

Small Bus

First place Todd DeZurik

Second Place David Peacock

Third Place Josh Sachs

Justin LaBounty WJON
Justin LaBounty WJON

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