ST. CLOUD -- Some of the best drivers in the Granite City put their skills to the test during the annual Metro Bus Roadeo.

Held in the parking lot of the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, the competition features around a dozen drivers. Its goal is to see who can handle their 40-foot steed the best on the course. CEO Ryan Daniel says it's designed to mimic the drivers' day to day routine.

"We look at it as an obstacle course that the operators do day in and day out. But here, they have a chance to showcase their talent against other operators."

Daniel says it's a simple goal each driver has as they start the course.

"It's a time-based course. The quicker an operator can do it without hitting the cones, that's how they win."

For the winner here, the next steps are the state, then national competitions.

"Whoever comes in first place here, gets to compete on the state level, then whoever wins there, get's to go onto the national level competition."

The competition is split between Fixed Route and Dial a Ride, and here's how it shook out.

The top three in the Fixed Route Division:

  1. Mike Keller
  2. Jerry Schmitz
  3. Dan Ruggles

The top three in the Dial a Ride Division:

  1. Todd Dezurik
  2. Chris Osmek
  3. David Peacock

The top two drivers in each division will advance to the State Roadeo, held in Duluth on July 13 and 14.

Dezurik will be competing in the national competition this weekend in Pittsburg, thanks to his state win last year.

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