ST. CLOUD -- The fundraising campaign at St. Cloud Cathedral achieved a big goal recently. Director of the Capital Campaign Marit Ortega says a $500,000 challenge match from the Coborn Family Foundation has been met. In fact, they actually collected over $615,000 in new gifts.

It puts their total amount raised so far at nearly $12.4 million, which is still more than $5.6 million away from their goal.

Ortega says they're still out there knocking on a lot of doors.

The next 90 days we plan on hitting as many people as we can get.  We've done a lot of the direct mass mailing appeals, so the Cathedral community is fully aware of what we're up to.  So right now it's really focusing on the one-on-one visits.

She says they won't start construction until they hit that goal.

The Capital Campaign is for a new building that will house the engineering, visual arts, and science classes as well as a chapel and the administrative offices. It will be built on the site of the current parking lot between the gym building and the 1938 building.

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