ST. CLOUD -- A Sartell man has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of assaulting a police officer stemming from a December incident where court records say he attacked two residents in their home.

Sartell police were called to the home December 13th on a report of an assault in progress.  According to the criminal complaint, a man and a woman were attacked by 33-year-old Aaron Kraemer without provocation.

The victims say Kraemer came to the house with a bottle of liquor and began cleaning. The male victim later heard yelling down the hallway and went to see what was happening. The man said Kraemer was on top of the woman and yelling at her. When the man yelled at Kraemer to get off of her, Kraemer picked the man up out of his wheelchair and threw him onto the ground. The woman tried to intervene and records show Kraemer grabbed her and pushed her into another room and got on top of her again. The male victim tried to get Kraemer off the woman and said Kraemer again threw him down and began punching and choking him.

When police arrived, they say Kraemer was still on top of the man. Officers commanded Kraemer to get off the victim and he told them to tase him. As police separated Kraemer from the victim, he began to struggle and kicked the officer in the knee.

Records show the assault started when Kraemer accused the woman of being unfaithful and calling her names.

As part of the plea agreement, four misdemeanor assault charges will be dismissed when Kraemer is sentenced April 4th.