ST. CLOUD -- An Ohio man faces drug possession and stolen vehicle charges after St. Cloud Police spotted him driving the car Tuesday.

Fifty-two-year-old Elbert Taylor was arrested after a police officer noticed the stolen car pull into the Taco Bell parking lot on 2nd Street South. Taylor and a passenger then went inside the restaurant.

According to the criminal complaint, Taylor kept opening the door and looking outside. When back up arrived, police went inside the restaurant and arrested Taylor. Records show an employee handed the officers a red cap with a white powdery substance inside that had been left at the table Taylor was sitting at. A second baggie was also discovered nearby and given to police. A search of Taylor's pockets at the jail turned up a third baggie containing a white crystal-like substance.

Taylor told police he didn't know the car was stolen, denied that the drugs at the Taco Bell were his but admitted the methamphetamine in his pocket was his.

Two of the baggies contained methamphetamine and the other contained heroin.  Police say surveillance video at the restaurant confirmed the drugs were Taylor's.

Taylor said he borrowed the car from another person and was supposed to return it that same day.