ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man faces charges after a domestic assault call Saturday. A woman called police to her St. Cloud apartment unit to report her boyfriend had choked her and was now trying to force himself into her apartment.

The woman told officers that her boyfriend, 31-year-old Robert Hennessy, became upset when she confronted him about his drug use and was breaking up with him. She was going to stay at her parents' house and gave him $300 so he could secure a place to live.

Court records show Hennessy held the woman in a bear hug and begged her not to leave him and that any money she gave him would go into his veins. Hennessy then left in the victim's car.

The woman reported the car stolen and while waiting for officers, saw Hennessy return and was "tearing her vehicle up" outside.

The victim went out to get her clothes when Hennessy allegedly grabbed her by the neck, pushed her up against the car and choked her.

The woman escaped and went inside her apartment. When she wouldn't let Hennessy inside, records show he broke through the glass security door and was pounding on her door.

Police arrived and confronted Hennessy who they say tried to choke and punch an officer and kicked another officer in the faces as he was being subdued.

Hennessy is charged with felony domestic assault by strangulation, assault on a police officer and two other domestic assault charges.