ST. CLOUD -- For many college students finding a place where they belong can be a challenge.

St. Cloud State University tries to help point those students in the right direction thanks to "Mainstreet," an event where clubs and organizations can attract new members.

Jeremy Sippel is the Program Adviser for Student Organizations. He says Mainstreet is a way for clubs to reach out to freshman and upper classmen.

"Mainstreet is so important for the campus because it brings student organizations together, interact with the student population, and allow students to join their organizations."

Over 250 clubs set up around St. Cloud State University to show students what their organization has to offer.

Bailey Johnson is with the SCSU Rugby team. She says Mainstreet helps students learn more about their club and gives incoming freshman something to do.

"It gives students an opportunity to see what we are all about. There is a lot of freshman here looking for something to do."

Mainstreet not only helps students find a club they can belong to, but helps organizations let students know what they have to offer.


Students look around to see what club they are interested in joining at Mainstreet. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)