SARTELL -- A new system for school safety is being tested in a Sartell School. "BadgeMessenger" is the creation of St. Francis Xavier teacher Stephanie Pederson and her husband Greg.

It takes the typical badge that most schools have and has put four buttons on the back for help, medical, maintenance, or an emergency. If a teacher needs help they push one of the buttons and the staff in the office is notified.

And then we can push a button, it speaks in the office on this tablet type framework.  It 'dings' and our person in the office sees that we need help, it tells them who sent the message, where to go, and then they can help us with whatever the need might be.

Pederson says right now a lot of teachers in other schools are using their own cell phones to call the office for help.

After testing it at St. Francis Xavier for nearly a year now, they're ready to roll it out to other locations.

Greg Pederson says he's already had interest from places beyond schools.

So we talked to a nuclear power facility and they want to pilot it, and if they like it bring it to their market.  We've talked to the military.  And, the Mall of America - I just met with some people there - the idea being that all of their vendors there could have it.

In the meantime, Pederson says he's hoping to continue to develop the "BadgeMessenger" system through the end of this school year by getting more pilot schools to test it.

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