LITTLE FALLS -- Jury selection is scheduled to begin tomorrow in the trial of a Hutchinson man who is accused of killing a Little Falls man in October 2011.

37-year-old Jason Dominguez is charged with first and second degree murder in the shooting death of his former prison cellmate. Dominguez is accused of shooting 30-year-old Dustin Brown seven times after a fight about money.

According to the criminal complaint, Dominguez, his girlfriend and her three kids drove to Brown's Little Falls mobile home and met with Brown. Dominguez then allegedly drove back to Hutchinson, got a 38-caliber handgun and returned to Brown's home. That's when records show he shot brown seven times including once in each leg, once in the arm, in the jaw, back, chest and side of the forehead. Dominguez also allegedly lit the mobile home on fire to cover the crime.

Dominguez then left and returned to Hutchinson.

Neighbors were interviewed and said a one-armed man had been looking for Brown in the weeks leading up to the shooting and that Brown owed the man money. Dominguez - who only has one arm - was arrested in Hutchinson that afternoon.

Dominguez' girlfriend was interviewed and told police she dropped Dominguez off near Brown's mobile home and when she went to pick him up Dominguez was covered in blood. He told the girlfriend he shot Brown seven times and showed her seven shell casings. They then drove to a remote areas where Dominguez tossed the shell casings into a farm field.

The girlfriend also told investigators they stopped and bought bleach at a Rice convenience store and washed the car and Dominguez' clothes at the car wash next door. Police say surveillance video confirms the story.

Other articles of clothing were also found along Highway 15 between Rice and Hutchinson matching the description.

The final piece to the puzzle came when the girlfriend led investigators to where Dominguez buried the gun. Investigators recovered the same model gun used in the shooting.

Dominguez faces life in prison if he's convicted.

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