Looking at the charts, it looks like there could be a pretty good chance that we might be seeing more northern lights activity in our skies.

I'm definitely NOT an expert, and trying to go to NOAA or other NASA space-related websites to get an explanation of the crazy solar activity that has been happening this year, is hard for me to understand or explain. However, It is still so very amazing to see some of the giant solar flare activity from our sun.

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Photo by Karla Nelson
Photo by Karla Nelson


According to, an impulsive solar flare took place at 2:33 UTC. Right before that, another large cloud of solar plasma (Called a CME) was released into space. When you view video images of the sun, it looks like it's one big explosion, but it was actually two events that happened almost at the same time.

These giant solar flares can cause problems on earth, but this particular solar eruption was not aimed at earth. The flare did cause a temporary and complete loss of High-Frequency radio signals on the sunlit side of the earth when it happened.

To see the video of the solar explosion, you can click HERE and watch it happen.


According to all of the data, it's possible that we could see some more beautiful northern light activity on Thursday evening IF the weather cooperates. If you are someone that has never experienced a view of the northern lights, you really should find a way to see them with your own eyes; it's a spectacular light show for the soul.


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