ST. PAUL -- With two COVID-19 vaccines available right now state health leaders are looking at ways to speed up the distribution of those shots.

We are at about 33 percent of the vaccines we have have been put into people's arms and we're not doing well compared to other states.  Most of those states are smaller, but there is a sense that we need to speed it up.  Especially if we want to continue to have the economy reopen.

Political insider Blois Olson says there have been distribution issues that have caused the lack of vaccinations.

A couple of different reasons, one is some of the ability in greater Minnesota to get the staff to do it.  We've called on nurses to come out of retirement to administer the vaccine.

Olson says another problem has been confusing guidance from the federal government. He says the state has gotten mixed messages on whether to hold back enough doses for people to get their second shot or if more vaccines will be on their way for those shots. Olson says every state has different guidance that's why we're seeing long lines in Florida because they are on a first-come-first-serve basis. He expects more clarity from the federal government in the coming weeks.

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